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How does the quality of life compare between London and New York City?
I've lived in both cities. Really depends what you want. New York is a city that you immediately fall for. London is an affection that grows steadily on you over time.New York is more fast-paced and far more dense. It's more obvious exactly what is open late until 4 a.m. and what isn't. The city has an energy that stretches the limits of how long you think it is possible for a human being to be awake.  Public transportation is very, very cheap and it's fast to get from one side of the city to the other. On average, if you were to pick a random restaurant, I think the food is better. London is more like a collection of villages that have grown into each other over 1,000 years. It's lower density and I believe it takes longer to get from one side of the city to another. The Tube only runs until 12:30 or 1 a.m. (But the really edgy part of London -- Hackney & Dalston -- is only a short bus ride or maybe even walking distance from the financial center if you're liberal about what you consider its boundaries. Lower Manhattan, while extraordinarily fun to live in, is over-commercialized. The unique little shops and curiosities that made it an unusual place to live increasingly feel more like a vestige of the past to me there. Chains are kinda taking over.)  I personally think the artistic culture is far less commercial and much more innovative in London than New York. The Arts Council supports all kinds of local, eccentric and home-grown projects. Fashion is quirkier and more original. Alexander McQueen, I think, could have really only come from the U.K. and Central St. Martins. New York's designers and artists think about what will sell. London's artists think about what is conceptually new, even if it is difficult and considered unattractive now.London is also a more international city than New York. (I say this somewhat controversially). While about one-third of Londoners and New Yorkers are foreign born, America encourages more of a hyphenated sense of identity. People are Mexican-American, or Ethopian-American, or Chinese-American. In that sense, while New York may be international, the U.S.'s comparatively prohibitive immigration policies mean people try to stay in the country for a longer period of time and become more assimilated than they do in London, where dozens of other countries are literally an hour's flight away.  Travel, of course, is a major plus in London. You can you get away for ~$100 to Andalusia, Morocco, Turkey, Berlin, Milan, Rome, etc. Travel is deeply ingrained into the culture and Londoners now legally have five weeks of holiday a year.London's food culture is improving, but you really have to know where to go and when. Over the past several years, Brits have come to embrace and elevate their own cuisine and local produce. I love the different mix of international cuisines there too. Growing up in California meant I considered Italian, Mexican and Chinese to be the great trinity of foreign cuisine. In Britain, chicken tikka masala and the Turkish kebab rule. Sunday roasts also seem to be the functional equivalent of the Manhattan brunch. One of my favorite things to do in London was get lost in the Sunday markets -- Broadway Market, Upmarket, Borough Market, Brixton -- really, any of them. There are hundreds of stands where you can find the best hog roast, cheese brought in overnight from France, nduja from Calabria, octopus balls, banh mi, spanakopita, curry, Ghanaian stew, bizarre T-shirts or whatever. If you want to stay out very, very late, you also have to know where to go. Most places close down around 1 or so. The drinking culture is also far more onerous on your liver. A week of Manhattan drinking is more distributed. It might involve cocktails and wine on several nights, with some extra drinking on weekends. A week of London drinking and the culture of buying rounds -- where everyone is expected to buy a round of drinks for everyone else -- means you end up drinking WAY more than you should. If I went out drinking with a group of eight people, all eight people would end up buying drinks for everyone else. And then I would buy eight drinks for everyone (which is way more than I would ever pay for in the U.S. being a small-ish woman).If you're American, it's much easier to find a social circle in New York. Americans are just much more open to loose and sudden friendships. With Brits, you have to know them for at least a couple months until they feel really comfortable with you. You can apply this same line of thinking to dating -- except when Londoners go on the lash, which is probably the only time some Brits feel truly comfortable with themselves. (Just teasing!) In New York, the upside and the downside of dating is the paradox of choice. Enough said there. There are entire TV shows, movies and books devoted to this problem. Almost every New Yorker will tell you that they love the city and would have a hard time living anywhere else in the world. Virtually no Londoner will tell you the same thing about London. They will moan about the weather and reminisce about their holiday in Phuket, Ibiza, etc. Don't mistake this for misery (most of the time). Brits and Americans just have different ways of expressing themselves. Londoners find our flagrant use of "Amazing!" "Awesome!" and "Love!" as tiring and insincere as we find their lack of eye contact and smiling (amongst strangers) cold and dispassionate. Also, talking about what your job is or asking the requisite "What do you do in the city?" question immediately is a faux pas in London.  The vulgarity of that question also probably has a little to do with how Britain is a class-based society where a person's stature in life should be readily apparent through their accent, demeanor and dress to other Brits. This isn't the case in the U.S. so Americans tend to probe more, especially in New York, where a person's career is a major -- if not the most important -- part of their identity. Then of course, there's the cliche that Americans live to work, while continental Europeans work to live. The British tend to be somewhere in between those extremes. In Britain, frivolous banter is a high art. Talking about nothing can be a way to probe a person's intelligence, wit and creativity.I can't really compare costs at this point since the pound is so weak. When I lived in London, GBP-USD ranged from ~$1.40 to $2.10. When the pound was hovering near its peak, the daily costs of living were extraordinarily high, but rent took up a comparatively smaller share of my monthly income than it did in New York. Health care is also free (er, nationalized) in the U.K. I can't speak for older people who are likely to have more serious health problems, but for a younger person in good health, this was awesome. No having to stress about what's covered and what's not, figure out who is a provider and who is not, be shocked by unanticipated co-pays that were not listed in the original health plan marketing material, be sent random $200 or 300 bills for a routine annual when your doctor for whatever reason can't bill your health insurance provider, have expensive, unnecessary tests or consultations pushed upon you, worry when you're in between jobs, or re-figure everything out again when you change jobs or your company gets acquired. Also, the very best essay I have ever read about the experience of a young person in New York was written by Joan Didion: http://www.mtholyoke.edu/~zkurmu...
Which forms do I need to fill in order to file New York state taxes?
You must determine your New York State residency status. You need to answer these questions:Did you live in an on-campus apartment or an apartment or house off-campus in New York State in 2012?Did you maintain, or rent, the on-campus apartment or off-campus residence for at least 11 months in 2012?Were you physically present in New York State for at least 183 days in 2012?If the answers to all three questions are "Yes", and you were not a full-time undergraduate student (which as an F-1 OPT I assume you were not), you are a New York State resident for tax purposes. Otherwise you are a nonresident.You file Form IT-201, http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/curren..., if you are a resident of New York State, Form IT-203, http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/curren..., if you are not.
How do you fill in a State University of New York at Oswego transcript request?
In all USA institutes all aspiring foreigner students are required to submit their academic record of their native country, endorsed by the school or college in original and these documents shall be NOT be returned.If you are applying for pre-college / pre-university courses, you will submit your school records. If applying for post graduate courses then submit your marks list of your graduated course.Transcript = Marks list, academic records (certificates of class performance) these are the documents which you need to take from your college i.e. take duplicate mark sheets or take color photocopies & get it endorsed by your school or college, and submit it in YOUR school / college LOGO sealed envelope.Sometimes, they may not accept color photocopies also, in such case, go back to your school or college and take duplicate marks sheet / qualifying exam completion certificate get it endorsed by the school or college and then submit.Remember : Be careful = Do not submit your ORIGINALs for they will NOT BE RETURNED.
In New York state, are you allowed to set rat poisoning out to kill people's cats and dogs?
That is definitely illegal, pretty much anywhere. Why do you want to kill other people’s pets anyway? You need help.
I live in New York City, I am single and have one job. What should I put down for allowances for federal and New York (state/city) taxes?
The worksheets included with Federal Form W-4 and NY Form IT-2104 are pretty good if you're single with no dependents.Normally, for a single person with no dependents who takes the standard deduction and has no other deductions or credits, I recommend that they take 2 allowances on their Federal W-4. But seemingly little things - such as retirement savings or student loan interest - can make things look very different, especially for someone who is on the borderline between a higher bracket and a lower one, so take that as only a very general starting point.Both the IRS (see http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p...) and the state of New York (see http://www.tax.ny.gov/pubs_and_b...) publish their withholding tables online, and you can figure out what will be withheld from your check based on what you claim. The IRS also has a withholding calculator online at http://www.irs.gov/individuals/a....
How do you feel about New York legalizing abortion up until birth?
Stunned! Absolutely stunned!I’m beginning to wonder what has happened to humanity.I became physically ill last night when I read the news of the New York senate giving a standing ovation, applause, and screams of joy at the new law, making it more convenient to kill babies.Not just unborn anymore, but if the abortion is botched and the baby is delivered, he or she now can be killed. Is there anyone, ANYBODY anywhere that can say the words,” it’s OK to kill a baby, even up to a woman’s due date now”?Then celebrate and cheer. Anyone other than these insane politicians? They lit up New York City using the color pink, which expectant mamas, grandmas, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, and daddies use to represent their beautiful baby girl on the way when giving a happy baby shower.Think of the excitement that families have when a little one is on the way.The senate celebrated. CELEBRATED!We need to understand how “life or health of the mother” can be twisted. I don’t know any nurse or doctor who would allow a woman to die before they’d allow the fetus to be aborted.The “health of the mother” includes mental health. So if a woman says she’s going to commit suicide if they don’t abort her baby, that’s her health jeopardized. Or even if she’s depressed or suffering anxiety.There are several states in the U.S. where abortions after 24 weeks do happen.This law allows abortionists to prey on desperate women who’ve received a horrible diagnosis that their child won’t live long after birth. Labor will be induced and the baby delivered. Only a butcher will do what abortionists do • inject the heart with a drug that gives the baby a stroke, dilate the cervix, and remove the child piece by piece.What this law does is remove legal protection for babies past 24 weeks.This is the most extreme abortion law in our nation’s history.Celebrating taking the life of little humans is nothing less than shameful.New York overreached on this one.Seems our nation has a heart problem. I shudder to think what is in the minds and “hearts” of these people.Is this really progress?
What are the best secret/hidden spots in New York City to check out?
I'm not a New Yorker, but I visit this city enough to not be called a "tourist". I'm not sure if this place has been mentioned before, but there's a huge segment of the Berlin Wall in a small park on 53rd St between 5th and Madison Ave.The Cloisters is a museum on the West Side located way up near 190th St. It features a large part of John Rockefeller's medieval art collection and features around 1,900 different exhibits. It is not a "secret" per se, but definitely worth a visit, if only to see the scenery of the Hudson and surrounding area (George Washington Bridge etc). I felt like I was somewhere in Europe while I was there yesterday. It is not on the typical tourist's map, which makes it better since its away from all the hustle. Prosperity Dumpling, ChinatownWith 1,200 reviews on Yelp, this place is definitely not a secret, but I doubt non-New Yorkers would know of this place. It is a hole-in-the-wall located in the heart of Chinatown, and serves delicious pork and chives dumplings at an extremely inexpensive price of $1.00 for 5 of them. My personal favorite is the Chicken Sesame Pancake, which costs around $2.50 per pancake. They also sell dumplings in bulk, which I imagine is at a cheaper per-unit rate than the retail price of 12.5¢ per dumpling. Its a great place to go to when you don't feel like spending 10 bucks on a lunch in NYC. DUMBO in Brooklyn (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, right near the Brooklyn Bridge) features one of the most beautiful views of Manhattan, and is a great place to walk around and explore for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan The "real" Halal Guys cart (53rd and 6th) only comes after 8pm. The others are just knock-offs.Even though tickets are sold out months in advance, you can become a part of the Saturday Night Live studio audience if you're willing to go to 30 Rockefeller at 7am for standby tickets. If you reach there in time, you will most probably be able to become a part of the studio audience.The Jersey City Waterfront features some of the most spectviews of the Manhattan skylineBelvedere Castle in Central Park (mid-park at 79th st) has an observation deck which offers beautiful views of Central Park and Manhattan. Speaking of Central Park, Strawberry Fields is John Lennon's memorial spread over 2.5 acres I haven't done this yet, but "Shakespeare In The Park" in the Delacorte Theater in Central Park is quite an experience. It is a free presentation of some of Shakespeare's most famous plays. It runs in the months of June and July every year. Best part is that tickets are free and are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.Shakespeare in the Park's performance of Romeo and Juliet Ice cream, milkshake and milk flavored like the milk that remains after you eat Kelloggs cereal, only at Momofuku Milk Bar in East Village (and other locations!)milkbarstore.comSeven Hills Cafe at 849 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn serves the best hookah in New York City. Priced at only $10 per hookah (with the $5 Yelp check-in coupon), it features every imaginable flavor, great service (albeit a little slow) and lip-smackingly amazing Turkish and Lebanese food. That's all I can think of for now. I'll add more "secrets" as and when they come to mind.
What are some must sees or dos when in New York City to fill out a two day itinerary?
Get yourself Metrocards. They work in the Subways and on the buses. Each ride is about $2.75. However, you can transfer from bus to subway, bus to bus, Subway to Subway, or Subway to bus for free.When I take people around for two days, I typically start with the Statue of Liberty. First boat goes out at 8:30 a m. Do not talk to sidewalk ticket agents. At best, they will sell you the $19 ticket for $25, with a commission. At worst, thousands last year paid for boat trips that did not go to the Statue of Liberty, after being told by street ticket agents that it would.From the statue, it's a short walk to either the financial district or World Trade Center Memorial. (We don't call it Ground Zero anymore.)After that, I walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights, with its beautiful 150-year-old houses, including those that housed Arthur Miller, Norman Mailer, Truman Capote and WH Auden. Stop at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with a 15 km or 10 Mile view of the city and the harbor.This takes us to lunch the first day.Contact me if you want to learn the rest of this two-day itinerary. I'm always looking for another day of work!
How do you subpoena a witness who resides in New York to testify in an out-of-state proceeding?
The Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses from Without a State in Criminal Proceedings was completed in 1936.  The act provides states with statutory authority to secure the attendance of a witness from without the state in which the criminal proceeding or grand jury proceeding is pending.  In New York, the act is codified in Article 640 of the Criminal Procedure Law.  Specifically, CPL 640.10(2) states, in pertinent part: If a judge of a court in any state which by its laws has made provision for commanding persons within that state to attend and testify in [New York] certifies under the seal of such court that there is a criminal prosecution pending in such court, or that a grand jury investigation has commenced or is about to commence, that a person being within [New York] is a material witness in such prosecution, or grand jury investigation, and that his presence will be required for a specified number of days, upon presentation of such certificate to a justice of the supreme court or a county judge in the county in which such person is, such justice or judge shall fix a time and place for a hearing, and shall make an order directing the witness to appear at a time and place certain for the hearing.  If at such hearing the justice or judge determines that the witness is material and necessary, that it will not cause undue hardship to the witness to be compelled to attend and testify in the prosecution or a grand jury investigation in the other state, and that the laws of the state in which the prosecution is pending, or grand jury investigation has commenced or is about to commence, will give to him protection from arrest and the service of civil and criminal process, he shall issue a subpoena, with a copy of the certificate attached, directing the witness to attend and testify in the court where the prosecution is pending, or where a grand jury investigation has commenced or is about to commence at a time and place specified in the subpoena. . . .  In layman's terms, if an out-of-state attorney wishes to subpoena a witness who resides in New York to testify in an out-of-state criminal proceeding,  said attorney must persuade a judge in the subpoenaing jurisdiction to certify, under seal, that (1) there is a criminal prosecution pending in that jurisdiction's court, or that a grand jury investigation has commenced or is about to commence, (2) that said witness is a material witness in any such proceeding, and (3) that the witness's presence will be needed for X amount of days.  Upon clearing that step, the out-of-state attorney (presuming they are not admitted to practice in New York) will need to forward the original certified papers to an attorney licensed in New York in order to present "such certificate to a justice of the supreme court or a county judge in the county in which such person is."  That to say, if the witness resides in Manhattan, the certifying papers must be submitted before a supreme court justice seated in New York County.  Included with the certifying papers from the subpoenaing jurisdiction must be an order to show cause submitted by the attorney licensed to practice in New York.  To the extent that the order to show cause is signed by a qualifying justice, the order along with the certifying papers must then be personally served upon the witness.Upon service, the witness may either make arrangements with the out-of-state attorney to travel to the out-of-state criminal proceeding (the out-of-state attorney should be prepared to pay for the witness's travel and lodging costs) , or, the witness may move to quash the subpoena on the return date set forth in the order to show cause.  Generally, a motion to quash will be founded upon the hardship provision set forth in CPL 640.10(2).  To that end, the Court of Appeals has illustratively interpreted what constitutes a hardship in the cases of Matter of Codey [Capital Cities, Am. Broadcasting Corp.], 82 N.Y.2d 521 (1993), and Matter of Holmes, 22 N.Y.3d 300 (2022).In sum, subpoenaing a witness who resides in New York to testify in an out-of-state criminal proceeding is a straightforward process guided by Article 640 of New York's Criminal Procedure Law.  To the extent that legal assistance is needed in subpoenaing a witness under this article, please do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Phillip Hamilton, PLLC @www.philliphamiltonlaw.com.
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